Tarja Malvila Diplomi Ravintoterapeutti | BIO TARJA
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Tarja Malvila

FM Nutritional Therapist

Biomedical Laboratory Scientist

I work as an entrepreneur, a nutritionist therapist, (my nutritionist’s title is only missing a couple of assignments) a laboratory instructor and a research therapist. I am a mother of two young adults, my family includes my husband, the children and a dog. My latest hobby is a kickboxing that I’ve been totally hooked! I also dream of playing cello.



With nutrition therapy I have received benefits like balanced my blood sugar fluctuations, the mood changes don’t overtake the roller coaster and my well-being is much better. When we were kids my brother and I were raised with baked bread and Jacky dumplings (it was the nutrition knowledge of that time, we stayed alive!), I didn’t have the energy to ski properly, and I had to carry some sugar flakes always with me in the pockets. It’s awful, huh? Now I enjoy exercise, I get my extra energy from it! By making more wise choices about my diet, I feel much better, sleep is regenerative, immunity stays good and weight management is much easier.


What’s better than getting feedback from a happy customer that they feel better! I never cease to wonder how much the human body can be affected by only good nutrition and by repairing the nutrient deficiencies. It matters what we put our mouth, the food either supports or intoxicates our body.


Dare to feel better!